005: Briceville Community Church

I love history.  But to love history means to understand that those who lived through historical events endured some hard times.  The Fraterville Mine disaster is one of those stories from Anderson County.  The church pictured here was where the memorial service was held a month later for those who has died in the mine.

“The community of Fraterville was devastated by the mine explosion. The town lost all but three of its adult males. Hundreds of women were widowed, and roughly a thousand children were left fatherless. Some families lost as many as eight family members. A large memorial service was conducted at the Briceville Community Church on June 8, 1902.

Eighty-nine of the deceased miners are buried in the Fraterville Miners’ Circle in Leach Cemetery (behind Clear Branch Baptist Church) just off U.S. 25W at Rocky Top. A monument at the center of the circle bears the names of all 184 miners who were identified. On May 19, 2005, the circle was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Other miners who lost their lives in the Fraterville disaster are buried in Longfield Cemetery on U.S. Route 441 just east of Rocky Top.” – Wikipedia



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